20 years ago, Pastor John Hagee wrote a book titled “Days of Deception”.  I was amazed at the amount of deception that was going on 20 years ago in the world in general, but in the USA in particular.    Pastor Hagee speaks of the coming New World Order, (or One World Government) which was a pet saying and ambition of President Bill Clinton, and then of President George W Bush.   The Obama administration  have radically sped up the process, and we have seen way more laws, rules and regulations affecting the church and Christians detrimentally, introduced under the Obama administration than under any previous President.

President Obama told the people of the US during his run for President, that he was against “Gay Marriage”, that he was a “Christian”, and that he wanted to be inclusive and rule for every American citizen, not just for Democrats.      The deception of these statements has been clearly seen in his actions, in the laws he has passed, and in the persecution he has heaped up against Christians, increasing it greatly from previous presidents before him.      As the Bible says, “By their fruit (i.e. by their actions) you will know them.

Obama by his own admission was raised a Moslem, and it is said that his Pastor, Dr. Jeremiah Wright admitted that he just wanted Obama to feel comfortable in his church,  so he did not push Christianity on Obama:   He also admitted that as far as he knows, Obama never made a commitment to Jesus Christ.     In one of the most ominous observations ever by a presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson has indicated that he believes there may not actually be an election held in 2016 at all.    He suggests that President Barack Obama may conjure up multiple reasons why it is not “prudent” to hand over the reins of government to someone besides himself in a time of crisis. And there are a number of troubling indications that Carson may be right. Obama has shown himself to be a believer in not letting a good crisis go to waste, even one that is self created.

Well the election was held, and the Democrats did lose, however, as Dr Carson says Barack Obama could still conjure up multiple reasons why it is not “prudent” to hand over the reins of government, simply by creating a manufactured situation which would necessitate his administration remaining in office for a further term.

This would be similar to the case of President Franklin D Roosevelt  in 1939/40 when the US was in a state of turmoil, with World War II raging and the world still suffering from the depression years, so he won the 1939/40 election for his third term because of that situation.    Not that President Franklin D Roosevelt manufactured the situation of course, but the outcome would be the same.

Interestingly, at the same time Chuck Norris made almost exactly the same prediction, stating that Obama was stirring up hate between the Democrats and the Republicans around the US, and that one day he would set them against each other in order to create civil war, in order to be able to stay in power.

An Israeli journalist living in the United States wrote recently on the Breaking Israel News site, that the hatred in the USA at present is palpable, and that anything could happen at any time.

Read also :-   Pew: Obama’s true legacy is divided nation, bad race relations     Pew Research made the following observations after their research into the subject.      “Barack Obama leaves the presidency with the nation more divided than at any time in decades, race relations at a new low and a surge in atheism”.

The news on SBS and ABC here in Australia, also confirms the bitterness and hatred in many parts of America between the races and also between the Political parties.

The New World Order has been the ambition of most US Presidents from early in the history of the USA, but it may surprise you to know that it has been going now for 2000 years or more.    2000 years ago Satan offered Jesus dominion over a NEW WORLD ORDER when he tempted Jesus in Mat 4:8 where we read ” the devil took Him to the peak of a very high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory.   v:9  “I will give it all to You,” he said, “if You will kneel down and worship me.””

A New World Order (also called a One World Government) is Satan’s counterfeit of God’s plan for mankind to live in harmony, unity and peace, through the exercise of God’s love in our lives.    As you would expect of any of Satan’s counterfeits, God’s love is replaced with satanic hate, peace is replaced with war, harmony is replaced with distrust and conflict.

So, How will the One World Government of Satan work?   Simple, it will work exactly as the Bible describes it in Revelation Chapter 13.

Fact – much of it is already in place in UN Laws and bylaws to which the whole world has already signed up.

FIRST PHASE.    Abolish cash and introduce a One World Currency.    One currency for the whole world, but of course this currency will not be real, as it will only be digital like “Bitcoin” however, it will work for those who are prepared to accept the digital mark, or chip somewhere in their hand or in their forehead.

This has to happen soon as all countries in the world have so much government debt, and so much private debt, that it could not be paid for in a hundred years, and it has been growing rapidly every year now for over 30 years, and is unlikely to slow down.

It would take the USA 20 years of printing $1000-00 banknotes day and night, to print enough money just to pay what is currently owed just by the USA, and of course in 20 years that figure would have doubled again, and so it goes on.

If the Lord does not come for His church very soon, I believe we shall witness the greatest collapse of the stock market and the financial system in the USA that has ever been seen, and seeing as how most countries in the world hold millions or in some cases, billions of US dollars worth of bonds in reserve, because of the fact that it is still the world’s trading currency, most, if not all of the countries in the world will be dragged down by the loss of US bonds value, and they will also go bankrupt.

Enter the Antichrist with the solution.  This is how Rev Chapter 13 will be fulfilled, and I believe it is coming very soon.    Currently many countries can see the writing on the wall, and are selling off US Bonds as fast as they can, and the US is running out of cash to keep buying them back.

If you want to read a fairly long, but very interesting and very informative article about this, I have located a report by one of the many economists prepared to tell the truth about what is actually happening in the USA, and in the world in general, and it all lines up with the book of Revelation, even if the author may not know it.  

I have read a number of reports by people who predicted most of the worst economy crashes and other important events that have happened, and this one is as clearly explained as any of them.   You can read it at -:    It is self explanatory.

I quote from one paragraph in the report, when asked what would replace cash?    Mr Casey replies “It’s going to be something that you’re going to have on your smart phone, or let’s take this to the next level, as outrageous and scary as it may sound, maybe it’s just gonna be a chip that you put in your hand where your bank account, your medical records, all these things, be very saleable.”    (My interpretation is that having all this vital information stored on a chip in your hand where you can’t lose it, would sell well to the public. )   People can lose their smart phones, but they can’t lose their hand, was his comment.

This report is worth while reading and is very revealing about what is coming soon, and, it’s free.   As Mr Casey admits, it is not guaranteed, but it is extremely likely.

Now I realise Mr Casey is speaking about the USA specifically, but as the whole world knows, if the USA sneezes, the whole world catches a cold, and as I have said already, the whole world is so far in debt already, that when th US goes down, it will bring down the rest of the world with it.   Nor is this accidental, the One World Elitists have been planning this for nearly a hundred years, in fact if you look at the US Dollar bill you will find the words  NOVUS  ORDO  SECLORUM which is Latin for (New Order of the Ages) or  New World Order and it refers to the emergence of a totalitarian world government.   How long has the USA had one dollar bills?    $1 bills were introduced into US currency well over a hundred years ago.   So as we can see, the NWO was around before the one dollar bill was over 100 years ago.


Set up a One World Religion to which every person must adhere and follow.      This phase has also been put in motion by many religions of the world under the leadership of Pope Francis, and I have already spoken of this.    Basically it agrees that all gods and idols and other forms of religion are equal, and all roads lead to God and to heaven no matter which path you follow.   Therefore there is no need for hatred and fighting, we can all worship this “Unified “God” Entity” and live in peace and harmony.   Even atheists are catered for according to Pope Francis, and as long as they do good works in their life, that will be enough to get them into heaven. ????????

But what about the Radicals and the Fundamentalists which are found in every religion on earth?     Simple, the NWO will go to war with those countries, churches, or individuals who refuse to bow to their One World Religion.   For those whom they cannot catch or find, those who manage to escape their net of evil, they make it almost impossible for them to buy or sell anything, they will make it impossible for them to survive, by confiscating their churches, homes, vehicles, bank accounts, bibles, and all their possessions.

The OWG will force their One World Religion upon every person on earth, on the pretense that it will eradicate all the religious wars, the terrorism, the fundamentalism etc. etc. which is present in every religion.    In reality of course, it is designed to enslave every person in the OWG system, as is so clearly illustrated and explained in both Mr. Casey’s report, and in the Bible.

Mr. Casey explains that it will be a simple matter for the authorities to put a ban on your chip which would bar you from purchasing designated items, as an example, if you are considered overweight, they could bar you from buying sugar, etc. etc. etc.   there will be no such thing as privacy, “Big Brother” will know everything you do, everywhere you go, every thing you buy or sell, and almost everything you say.

How soon could this happen?  Mr. Casey believes it will begin to happen within months, the crash could possibly even be within weeks.    Obviously the implanting of the chips or whatever technology they use will take some time to implement on a world wide scale, but I believe that it will probably begin in rich Western nations first.

I believe it will begin almost immediately after the Rapture of the Church.     The excuse they will offer will be that the chip will provide the authorities with proof that you are not an “Alien” from outer space, or a terrorist or a criminal, or a dissenter against the One World System.

I mentioned in my last article and gave URLs showing that governments around the world are already getting rid of cash.

Finally, In late December the US President ordered his UN Ambassador to abstain from a vote censoring Israel over the building of homes in Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem, stating that these areas are “Occupied Land” and Israel CANNOT build on this land.    This was regarded as a stab in the back by Obama against Israel and Netanyahu.  Obama went against his own country, and over the head of the US Congress to do this.

In a couple of days time, 70 nations are meeting in France to discuss dividing Israel to God’s enemies, thus fulfilling Joel 3:2.    John Kerry, US Secretary of State is representing the US, and having failed because of his anti Israel bias, even refusing to acknowledge that the “Wailing Wall” belongs to Israel, he will undoubtedly try to push this through.

If they can get consensus on this resolution in time, it will go to the UN for a final vote, and if it does, I believe Obama will either back the resolution, or at least abstain again, and let it pass.  This could be his parting gift to Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu, and it could well be one of the very last things he does as President of the USA.

If this resolution goes through, it shows us we are in the end of the end times, not at the beginning of the end times, so we may not be here very much longer, therefore, keep looking up, and Pray for President Elect Donald Trump as the Bible commands.   He may not be perfect, he may not be nice, he may not be a gentleman, but he is the one God has called to be the next President of the US.

God Bless




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  1. Hey Dad.

    You’re still calling Pope Francis Poe Francis. It’s at the bottom of the paragraph on Pope Francis.



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