As I mentioned in the first part of this article, corruption is endemic to all nations, all governments, all societies, all religions, all businesses, and many families, to a greater or lesser degree.

Jer 17:9  The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”    I have just been listening to Donald Trump give his acceptance speech for the Republicans’ nomination to run for President of the USA, and one comment he made, was this, “There has never before been as much corruption in the United States as there is today”   In the context of his speech he was probably referring to the US government, but most people are like sheep and follow their governments, and this is very clearly seen in the Old Testament with their kings.

The Bible is so accurate, and the above statement from the Bible does not exclude any nation, religion, language group, ethnic group or family;  we are all included in this statement, and it is only the shed blood of Jesus Christ which covers our corruption and deceitfulness which sets the true Christian apart from the crowd.    Having repented of our sins, and accepted Jesus Christ as our Saviour, we now strive to be different, and to follow and obey the teachings of Jesus.

This is the very thing that makes “True Christians” a target for all the  ridicule, frustration, anger and hate that plagues non Christians, as they see our love for God, whom they deny; our good works, which makes them ashamed of their own evil deeds; our love for ALL sinners no matter who, while they hate their enemies, yet at the same time as we love all sinners, we still hate the sins they commit.

Rev. Graham: America ‘Is Beginning to Implode, We’re On The Precipice of Anarchy’
Evangelist Franklin Graham held a prayer rally in Cleveland before the start of the Republican National Convention during which he said the nation is in trouble, the nation has ejected God from the public square, “and our country is beginning to implode, we are on the precipice of anarchy.”    

Much of this anarchy is caused by corruption in governments and government agencies, and it is spreading around the world rapidly; it can be seen in every nation today :-

CONFUSION.   This endemic corruption in the world today is causing major confusion, and nobody knows who, or what to believe any more.   All the world’s media from TV and radio, from news papers and magazines, from the internet and “Youtube”, from news sites, blog sites and religious leaders, to the preachers from all religions; seem to have their own axe to grind, and everyone has a different view point on every subject you can name.

Deception is the name of the game today, as Satan knows his time is rapidly running out.    Atheists blame the God whom they don’t believe exists, for every evil and every woe that takes place in the world.    Every government on the planet blames the other government for the international fracas that take place between their two countries.   People have pushed God out of their lives, but as soon as a major crisis erupts they call out to God to help them.

Governments are deceiving not only other world governments, but they deceive their own people also, as they make their own plans for their country.    Here is a classic case in point :-

From “Discover the truth”  at  comes the following article, accompanied by a photo of U. N. vehicles being transported to various parts of the USA.
Photo was in here, but unfortunately I cannot get it to come through into this article.
“THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING RIGHT NOW: Recent movements like Black Lives Matter, political alignments and terrorist attacks, including breaking news from PNW regarding UN armored vehicles being spotted in the Eastern US, support the news that various first world governments are discussing the need for a new united global police force to secure peace and safety across international borders – and this includes the United States! With chaos taking place seemingly every day, civil unrest is now becoming global.  To many, the solution of a new world order comes as no surprise as all of these events were clearly prophesied within the Book of Revelation.   Truth be told, many people don’t fully understand the depths of these writings as they have been one of the most misquoted and misunderstood prophecies in all of human history.

As the US government make their plans for the future of the USA, it is all hidden from the general population.    The truth is that no one in the world today knows what their government is, or is not, hiding from them; no one in the world knows what information their government, or some other powerful governments spy agencies have stored up about them or against them.

This is made clear in Turkey today as tens of thousands of people are arrested and jailed  for having taken part in the recent failed coup.    Most of course are completely innocent.   Over  50,000 people and rising, including 37,000 school teachers, 1520 University Deans, plus reporters, judges,  police officers,  soldiers and civil servants have been jailed.   See :-      But Erdogan wants the death penalty, so he gets his puppets to cry out for the death penalty so he can bring it into law.   “We are a democratic nation” he says, “so we abide by the will of the people.”

Some 1,500 US airmen and their families have been locked in the southern Turkish air base of Incirlik together with a stock of tactical nuclear bombs since President Reccep Erdogan crushed an attempted coup on Saturday.    Read more at the following website.   Click on :-      Every day President Erdogan comes up with another country who he claims is complicit in some way or another in the coup.       Is it any wonder people are so confused about where the world is heading?  Is Turkey another Iran in the making?    Many people think it is.

Countries which one day talk of working together, the next day are threating nuclear war against each other, then we see them working together again a few days later; it is no wonder the world is confused.    Russia, a supposed “Christian” country, with a supposed “Christian” President, has recently passed a law in Russia which appears to be taking them back again to their anti Christian past.  See :-

China’s government has never really accepted Christianity, but has made a show of tolerating them for the past 20 years or so.  Now that is coming to an end.   See :-    

Few countries in the world today are not heaping persecution on their Christian citizens for some reason or another, in fact I dare say few countries in the world today would claim to be a “Christian” nation.    That would be politically incorrect; we are multicultural nations in the west now, where we used to be Christian nations.

Is it any wonder that people are so confused about what is happening, why do some scientists say one thing while other scientists say the opposite?   Why does one political party say one thing while the other denies it and says the opposite?   Why does one church say one thing, and another says the opposite?   No wonder the peoples of the world are in total confusion.

My next article will be on CHAOS.    In the meantime, keep looking up!!!


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