In my last post I discussed “a time” for the rapture, the fact that God loves birthdays and anniversaries, and the 6th of Sivan on the Jewish calendar (12th of June this year on our calendar) is the Day of Pentecost.  We noted that the 6th of Sivan is also the birthday of Enoch.  We also discovered that Enoch’s rapture, the first ever rapture mentioned in scripture, took place on the 6th of Sivan.   It was also the day the Holy Spirit was sent by Jesus to indwell, Christian believers, and to clothe them with power to be effective witnesses for Jesus Christ.   Guess what?  The 6th of Sivan is also the day the Church was birthed, as the Holy Spirit came to bring salvation to the believers. WOW – isn’t all this something to celebrate?  Perhaps God may celebrate all of these events with another epoch event in the history of mankind on the same day again, with — the rapture of the church.   Perhaps the rapture may be a birthday present from our heavenly Father, to the the Bride of His Son Jesus Christ.

Let me add to that today with a few more thoughts and reminders, like the fact that this year is the “Year of Jubilee”, and that God set the Israelites free from their slavery in Egypt in a “Year of Jubilee”.  Will our Father also set the Bride of His only Son free from this body of sin we carry around in this year of Jubilee?  If so, could it be on the birthday of the Church?   In less than a week we shall know the answer to that question.

In the meantime, occupy until He does come to set us free, and while occupying, let us think about a few more important things that people need to be aware of.   For example, as I said in my posts on Dangerous Doctrines, there are a lot of other things I did not cover in regard to the danger they are putting people in with their views that the church must go through either a part of, or the whole of the Tribulation period.

Let me remind you just how long it was between the first rapture, and the first judgement upon the earth and upon mankind.  From the rapture of Enoch, until the flood was a period of 669 years, but men lived 10 times longer then than now, so if we divide 669 by ten we get 66 – 67 years in today’s equivalent between the rapture of Enoch and the great flood.

Let me quote here from two brilliant Bible Scholars on the matter of the timing of the rapture, and of God having a season for every purpose under heaven.  Speaking of the 70th week, which is the “Great Tribulation” period they say-:

The distance in time between the Rapture and the start of the 70th Week certainly is an interval. It could be conceivably one day or it could be 30 years. But it is during this interval between the Rapture and the beginning of the 70th Week that a world leader emerges publicly. Daniel 9: 27 tells us it is the covenant of this coming world leader that sets everything up for the Great Tribulation. He will define the start of the 70th week by making a covenant with Israel, but who this leader is cannot be revealed until after the Rapture.”

The Thessalonians were very upset because they thought the Tribulation had begun. The Romans under Nero were laying a heavy hand on these people. Because of this, the Thessalonians thought they’d either missed the Rapture or that God was ignoring them. Somebody had started circulating a letter with Paul’s forged signature on it, and Paul essentially wrote 2 Thessalonians to rebut this forgery. Paul exhorts the church in Thessalonica to remember what he taught them. He assures them that they had not missed the Rapture and that the Tribulation had not yet started. The troubles they were experiencing were not stemming from the Great Tribulation itself. The Day of the Lord, Paul writes, would not come until there had been a falling away, an apostasia.

In verses 7-8, Paul makes a key statement. “For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way, and then the lawless one will be revealed. . .” (NKJV). Who is the Restrainer in verse 7? Who is the one who restrains this event until the time is right? From the Greek, we’re going to argue that it is the Holy Spirit. The only entity who has ever restrained sin is God through the Holy Spirit, sent by Jesus. Now this becomes fascinating! The Restrainer Paul spoke of is not an angel, it’s not the Church in the usual sense, and it’s certainly not the Roman government. When the Restrainer is removed, then and only then will the Man of Sin be revealed, because he is no longer held back in his lies and lawlessness. These verses clearly indicate, both connotatively and denotatively, that the Holy Spirit is removed with the Church at the Rapture, leaving no one standing in the way of the Man of Sin. End quote. (Bold emphasis is mine.) Missler, Dr Chuck (2014-08-03). The Rapture: Christianity’s Most Preposterous Belief (Kindle Locations 1015-1019). Koinonia House. Kindle Edition.

So we see that God has a “Time for everything” including the “Rapture” and we see that the tribulation period cannot begin, until the Antichrist is revealed, and as Dr. Missler says “who this leader  is cannot be revealed until after the Rapture.”

The second quote is from Bullinger, E.W. (2010-03-25). Commentary on Revelation (Kindle Locations 622-626). . Kindle Edition. Speaking about the “Rapture” Dr. Bullinger says:-

That coming, is into the air, and not unto the earth; it is in grace, and not in judgement; it concerns those who are “in Christ,” and not either Jew or Gentile as such. Nothing is revealed in the Old Testament or in the Gospels about this coming. Those books know nothing of it. This coming concerns the Mystery, which was kept secret from times eternal, and was “hid in God.” The church of God (which is the Mystery) waits for one thing as its consummation, and that is to be “received up into glory” (1 Tim. iii. 16). But this is not the subject of the Apocalypse.

To make this more clear we must compare what we call the “second” Advent with the “first.” When the Coming of the Lord was announced in Micah, 5 v. 2, it was announced as a coming forth; and in Zech. 9 v 9 as a coming unto. The former speaks of the coming forth at Bethlehem, the latter of the coming unto Jerusalem. There was nothing in those prophecies to tell the Jewish reader whether there would be any interval between these events, or what that interval would be. The Jewish Bible student might think there was a discrepancy; while the Jew with the mind of a “higher critic” might see a greater difficulty, and refuse to believe either Scripture.

But we, today, with our knowledge, know that there was an interval of more than thirty years between the two events. Both refer to one and the same Coming, but to two different stages in it; and that all the events between them go to make up what we speak of as the “first Coming.” We believe that it will be exactly the same with regard to what we call the “second Coming.” There will be the same two stages, with a similar interval (or longer it may be) between them, and all the events (which are recorded in the Apocalypse and elsewhere) will go to make up what we speak of as “the second Coming.” (End quote. Bold emphasis is mine)

As you can see, Dr. Bullinger’s book was written in 1925, so the English is a bit old fashioned. But you can see from this, that God has “A Season For Every Purpose Under Heaven.”

The first part of the second coming will be the rapture, when like a thief in the night He snatches away His Bride, and no one will see Him, it will be too quick, 1st Cor 15:52.  Then an indeterminate period of time will take place before the second part of the second coming takes place, when Jesus touches down on the Mount of Olives, and every eye shall see Him coming on the clouds of glory with 10,000s of His saints. Rev 1:7.

According to a Pew survey of Christians from all denominations in the USA about two years ago, 75% did not think that Jesus would return until about 2050 or later.  The answer astounded me, until I later realised that all the major denominations still hold to the old Catholic teaching of either amillennialism or else post millennialism, so it would seem obvious that with all the prophecies yet to be fulfilled about the end times, it could take thirty to forty years or more to accomplish.

This is why I say it is a “Dangerous Doctrine” as it completely ignores all the teachings of Jesus, Paul, Peter and all the other early church Bible teachers of the “imminence” of Jesus’ return.  How are all the “Preppers” who believe in the Mid Tribulation, Pre Wrath and / or the Post Tribulation doctrines going to survive on the 3-7 years of rations they have stored up for the tribulation period, if it is possibly 20-40 years or more before the tribulation period actually begins, as these Bible scholars suggest?

God has a season for the Church to be rewarded for their works, and a season for the Heavenly wedding of Jesus to His Bride. How long a season?  We don’t know, it may be a short season, but more likely it seems, it could be quite a long season. The question is, will you be part of the Bride of Christ, taken in the rapture?  In Rev Chapter 4, (Explained in Dangerous Doctrines Part Three) or will you be a wedding guest, martyred during the Great Tribulation, see Rev Chapter 7:9-17.

I believe that the wedding guests will probably come from the Laodicean Church to whom Jesus said in Rev 3:15-18 “I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I would that you were cold or hot. 16. So because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.”    The Laodicean Church is complacent, spiritually blind, and naked (not clothed with God’s righteousness), and lack the Holy Spirit in their lives.

But God in His love gives them another chance to escape the coming tribulation period.  Jesus says in Rev 3:18 “I advise you to buy from Me gold purified by fire, so that you may be rich; and white clothing, so that you may be clothed, and so that the shame of your nakedness does not appear. And anoint your eyes with eye salve, ( a symbol of the Holy Spirit) so that you may see.” (With Spiritual eyes).  Do this and you will be saved, is the offer Jesus is making to the Laodicean Church today, but if you fail to do this, you will be spued out of His mouth.

I believe that the many millions of Laodicean “semi” believers around the world, who have not been born again, but believe they are Christians simply because their parents were Christians, and who rarely ever go to church, pray, or read their Bibles, and who do not have the indwelling Holy Spirit, when they realise their error, along with their families and friends, will turn to God for forgiveness, and be prepared to die for Jesus during the tribulation period in order to gain salvation and eternal life.   See Rev Chapter 7:9-17.

Mat 24:42  “So always be ready. You don’t know the day your Lord will come.     God Bless.



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