Let me start by saying that there are 1700 plus, very good reasons just in the Bible alone which convince me to be a Christian.

There are around 2300 prophecies recorded in the Bible, of which over 1700 have already been fulfilled decisively and accurately.   Some were proven by the historic and written records of the nations involved, others have been proven correct through scientific evidence, and archaeological findings in and around the various areas in the Middle East where these prophecies were fulfilled.

Those prophecies which were set with time limits, were fulfilled within the specified time period.   Many of these prophecies were fulfilled several hundred years after the prophets spoke them, as no time line is set on many prophecies.   Many prophecies as yet unfulfilled, state clearly, that they will be fulfilled at the end of days, or in the last days, or in the end times etc.

Today we can see many of the “End Times / Last Days prophecies” being fulfilled right before our eyes.    But many other “End Times” prophecies such as the coming “One World Government” etc. can also clearly be seen to be in the pipeline, and could be fulfilled within a very short period of time.    So the Bible alone is more than enough to convince me to be a Christian.

  1. The Old Testament contains over three hundred prophecies or references to the coming of the Messiah.   All 300 were accurately and completely fulfilled by Jesus Christ.    Forty-eight of these prophecies refer specifically to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

All of the more than 300 prophecies were published during an eleven hundred  year period that ended four centuries before Jesus was born in Bethlehem.    Professor Peter Stoner, using the laws and science of mathematical probabilities, confirmed and supported by H. Harold Hartzler of the American Scientific Affiliation looked at the probability of just 8 prophecies, being accurately fulfilled in one person; Jesus Christ.    The eight prophecies are as follows -:

  1.  The place of birth Micah 5:2
  2.  Time of birth  Daniel 9:25; Genesis 49:10
  3.   Manner of birth   Isaiah 7:14
  4.   Betrayal
  5.   Manner of death  Psalms 22:16
  6.   People’s reactions (mocking, spitting, staring, etc.)
  7.   Piercing
  8.   Burial Isaiah 53

Professor Peter Stoner found that the chance that any one man might have lived down to the present time and fulfilled all eight prophecies is 1 in 10 to the 17th power (100,000,000,000,000,000).

Your chance of winning most Lotto games is 1 in 10 to the 6th or 7th power, that is one chance in between 6,000,000 and 7,000,000.   The chances of only 8 of the prophecies about Jesus being fulfilled accurately are calculated to be less than one chance in a billion, billion, billion.   You couldn’t count that far in a lifetime counting flat out day and night all your life, even if you lived to a hundred.

Now multiply that vast number by over 800.   That is the possibility of 1600 – 1700 prophecies being correctly and accurately fulfilled.   Only God could do that.

Other reasons as to why I am a Christian.

I am a Christian because I have had encounters, or experiences in my personal life with God, which have changed my life, my outlook on life, my character, and my whole way of thinking.   These experiences or encounters with God have proved to me that the Bible is true, that there is a God, and that HE has a plan for my whole life which is way better than anything I could have planned myself, as long as I am faithful to Him and to His word.    These encounters fit exactly the Bible’s description of other people in the Bible who had similar encounters with God, and they completely transformed my life, just as it did their lives.

I am a Christian, because I have personally seen the power of God in miracles, in healings, and in His amazing provision for our family many times, and also in His protection over my life, and also the lives of my family.

I am a Christian, because I have also seen the power of God in miracles, in  healings and in His amazing provision, in the lives of many other people to whom we have had the privilege of sharing God’s love, in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Australia.

No atheist who has sincerely set out to test the truth or error of the Bible, has ever been able to prove the Bible is wrong.     Many in fact have proved the opposite, and have become Christians.

The truth hurts, is an old but very true saying, and it’s the reason many “good living, kind people” won’t become Christians.   They think they are good enough already.    None of us likes being told we are filthy stinking rotten sinners in God’s eyes.  We think “we’re good kind decent people”.  We are good upstanding citizens who uphold the law and always do the right thing.

The Bible tells us however in Rom_3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God: and in Rom_3:10 As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:   And honest people will admit that this is the truth.

The truth is that like every other person on this planet, I am a filthy stinking rotten sinner, and no matter how hard I try, or how much good I do, or how kind I am, or how much I give to, or help others in need, it doesn’t change me from being a filthy stinking rotten sinner, and that hurts me, because it’s the truth.

The only remedy, is to accept God’s provision of salvation through the death of His son Jesus.     This helps us begin to change into what God wants us to be, but for now, we remain filthy stinking rotten sinners, BUT now we are sinners with our sins covered over by the shed blood of Jesus, so now God sees us as cleansed from sin.

The day is coming very soon, when everyone who has accepted God’s remedy, and has put their faith and trust in Jesus, will see Him, and they shall be transformed into a completely sin free, immortal, and incorruptible spiritual body, and Jesus will take us to His home in heaven.   So there you have 1700 plus very good reasons why I am a Christian.     No other religion has this volume of solid proof of its veracity or truth.    If you would like to be a Christian here’s how :-

Information plus application equals transformation.

  1. Information  – Inform yourself of what the Bible teaches.   (Especially in the New Testament)
  1. Application  –   Apply what you learn to your own life.   (Begin to apply the things you have learnt to your daily life)
  1. Transformation – See the transformation taking place in your life, as you begin to change (morph or transform) into the likeness of Jesus.

2Co 3:18 Our faces are not covered with a veil.    We all display the Lord’s glory.  We are being changed to become more like him so that we have more and more glory as the Lord’s Spirit makes us more and more like our glorious Lord.

Fulfilment of this prophecy is getting very close.     God bless you as you “metamorphose” into His likeness.


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