The Lord’s Return.

This post is actually my reply to the comment made by one of my readers about my Post called “The Return of Messiah”.    I felt it worth while if you want to read his comment, to point you to it.  If you click on this URL

You will need to scroll right down to the end of my Post and down through several comments until you get the comment by ELI YAH.    I thought it was very relevant, but make the following comments in my reply to Eli.

I think this comment is a good reminder of the fact that we are closing in on the Return of our Messiah.  BUT, I would remind readers that Jesus said, no man knows the day nor the hour, therefore we must be ready at all times.  Jesus said if the end times were not shortened, no flesh would survive, so we must not look to a future date, but be ready at all times.

Yes, I believe the age of God’s grace is about to end very soon, and that the end of the age of grace, will trigger the “Catching away from the earth” (otherwise known as “The Rapture) of The Bride of Christ.   This is “The First Resurrection”

The Rapture will not include false Christians, (Tares Matt 24-29) which sadly includes all the people today who scorn the “New Birth” as being nonsense, radical, unnecessary, over the top etc.  (see John 3:3 and John 3:7)    Because they have not been born again spiritually into God’s family, they remain spiritually dead, therefore it is impossible for them to have a relationship with God, who is SPIRIT.

Many who CALL themselves Christians, but are not, will be left behind, bringing confusion to the world, so the world will simply deny that the Rapture has taken place, because so many people who say they are Christians and are still here on the earth will be denying it.

Secondly, I believe that the end of the age of grace will also set in motion the final years, no one knows exactly how long that period of time may be, but it will encompass the entire time period between the Rapture of the “True Believers” and the Second Coming Of Jesus Christ WITH His Bride to the earth, (see Jude 1:14) to begin His endless reign over the Nations of the world, as King of kings and Lord of lords.

However long or short this time in between may be, it will conclude with “The Great Tribulation” also called “The Time Of Jacob’s Trouble” and “The Day Of God’s Wrath”.     It could be as short as 7 years, if the Great Tribulation commences immediately the True Christians are taken to heaven, or as some Bible Commentators believe, it could encompass many years, while the Believers are being Judged for their works and receiving their rewards, after which the Marriage of the Lamb will take place in heaven.

E W Bullinger in his book “The Apocalypse” believes that this time period will be similar to Jesus first appearing, where at His birth, only a few recognised that “The Messiah” had arrived.    Then Jesus disappeared for the next thirty three years, before He “Came Again” as it were, when He presented Himself to Israel as their Messiah, when He rode into Jerusalem on the Donkey.

Some commentators believe that thirty three year period of time could equate to the time that Believers are being Judged for their works and receiving their rewards, and for the Marriage of the Lamb to take place in heaven.

So we can see that this could all take place in a flash of “earth time” while we are up in Heaven, where there may be no time; or it may take place according to earth time over many years, no one knows for sure.   There are some passages in scripture which give the impression that it will be quick, other passages give the impression it will take quite some time.

My advice is, as always, be ready at all times.     Keep your relationship with the Lord at peak at all times, then you will not have to worry about anything, including whether it will be a-millennial, pre-millennial, post millennial, pre tribulation, mid tribulation, pre wrath or any of the other many eschatological doctrinal views of the end times.

God bless you all, and, “Keep Looking Up“.     As Andre Crouch sings, “It won’t be long, We’ll be going home”.


One thought on “The Lord’s Return.

  1. This is about the simplest and best advice I can imagine. Thank you, Lex.

    I’ll continue to fall on my face,
    every day,
    as often as it takes,
    to ask the Lord for his amazing grace.

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