Rapture Thoughts.

There are many questions in our minds about “The Rapture”, in particular regarding the timing of this event.   Most of you who have been following my posts for some time will know that this Jewish year, called a “Shemitah” year or Sabbath (7th) year, ends on Monday about 12:30 am our time in Perth Western Australia.    You will also be aware that this is the seventh Shemitah, the 49th year since the last year of Jubilee. The 14th of September 2015 will commence The Year of Jubilee.   The year when all the slaves and captives must be set free. All servants, all children sold into bondage must be set free, all debts must be released and forgiven, land must be returned to its original owners.

We have read into this the possibility of God’s children being set free from bondage this September, set free from sin and being taken to our true home in heaven. Set free from Satan’s rule to partake in our inheritance as co-heirs with Jesus in the bounty of our God and Father.

There are questions that I feel need to be addressed however, and the first one is this, “Mat_24:44 Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.    I believe the answer to this lies in the fact that Jesus was addressing Israel, and not the Church.    Israel will be caught by surprise when the Rapture takes place.  In contrast to this, Jesus says to the Church in Rev 3:3 Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent.  If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.” Verse 1 tells us that this Church has a name for being alive, but really it is dead.  Paul says 1Th 5:4But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.”   Paul does not expect the Church of True Christians to be caught unawares.   It is automatically expected that the True Born Again Christian will be watching and waiting, looking for and hasting unto that day.

The second is, how come so many end time prophecies seem to be unfulfilled?   There are two parts to the answer of this question.  1. We do not know which of these prophecies may start very soon, possibly even before the Rapture, but the conclusion of the prophecy may take place during the millennial period.

  1. We do not know how long a period of time there may be after the Rapture takes place, before God commences the Tribulation period.   According to E.W. Bullinger “There is every reason to believe that “the day of the Lord” will be a prolonged period. It must not be confined to “seven years,” as is so often done. The time between the coming forth of the Lord into the air to meet His Church, and His coming unto the Earth with His Church, in power and great glory, may correspond to the thirty-three years between His coming forth at Bethlehem (Micah v. 2) and His coming unto Jerusalem (Zech. ix. 9). All the events between those two we speak of as constituting His “first coming.” In like manner, all the events described in this Book, which take place between His coming “for” and His coming “with” His Church, we may speak of as “His second coming” or “the day of the Lord.”  These events may occupy a similar period of thirty-three years for aught we know; and if to these we add the seven years of the last week of Daniel we have a period of forty years.”  Bullinger, E.W. (2010-03-25). Commentary on Revelation (Kindle Locations 646-649).  . Kindle Edition.

This is very controversial, but I believe there is also a lot to be said in favour of the idea, as Bullinger said, when Jesus came to earth the first time, very few were watching or waiting for His arrival, and the majority of Israel missed it.   I believe the majority of the church will also miss the Rapture, these will have thirty three – forty years to get themselves sorted out with the Lord.   Unfortunately, during a long time span people tend to forget, and slip back into their old ways of unbelief.   This may be why Jesus said in Luke 18:8I tell you, God will help his people quickly. But when the Son of Man comes again, will he find people on earth who believe in him?”    God will help His people quickly, but when He comes again (to the earth) will He find faith?

Another question is that the year of Jubilee is not announced in the Bible until the tenth day of the New Year, does this mean it goes from the 10 th of Tishri (Yom Kippur) to the 10th of Tishri the following year? I cannot find any thing about this on the internet so I’m not sure.   However if that is the case, there are two possibilities I see here.   1. We may have to wait until the First of Tishri next year for the Rapture if God is going to set us free in the year of Jubilee on the day of The Feast of Trumpets.   2.   Maybe He does not set us free on the Feast of Trumpets as so many believe.   Maybe The Feasts were given to the Jews to observe, not to the Church, so maybe He is not bound to take the Church at the Feast of Trumpets, maybe He can take the Church at any moment of any day of any month of any year He wishes.   This would fit with the Church knowing the season of His coming, but not the date.   We know it will be soon, just not HOW soon.   Jesus could then fulfil the final three feasts at His Second Coming for the Jews.

In conclusion, we need to make sure we are ready watching waiting and looking and longing for His arrival to take us home to heaven at any moment of every day.  Let me repeat again God is still in complete control, right around the whole earth, in every country, in every crisis, in every situation, He is still in complete control, and everything is still going according to His plan, no hiccups, no delays, no surprises, no cost over runs, no running behind schedule, no forced changes because of unexpected or unpredicted problems.

If it doesn’t happen this year, then we shall have another year to serve the Lord and to bring glory to His name.   If it doesn’t happen next year or the year after that, then that will give us even more time to share His love, and to honour Him in our lives.   That is not to say I don’t think He might come next week, I do, in fact I very much hope and pray He does.    In light of current events and their alignment with end time prophecy, I believe He could come at any moment of any day.


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