Three Gods or One God Continued.

In my last posting of my comparisons between the Triune God and the Triune Human, I said :-

“Finally, we have seen how parallel we humans, and God are as triune beings.   Obviously God is far and away greater in every way than we are, but the picture is clearly seen.   The final question is how can God separate his persons from each other as it may seem to us He does?   Well, could I suggest that maybe He doesn’t.”    I then went on to show that Jesus is God, and God is ONE God.

Today, I would like to pick up from that point and look at it from the opposite perspective:  Maybe He does.   I would like to take you back to my last post where I stated    “When I die, my body is buried as Lex Cullen, my soul will stand before God as Lex Cullen and my spirit will still be the life force of Lex Cullen which returned to God at death.”  We saw from the scriptures that we humans can be, and are separated body from soul, and soul from spirit, at death.

The question therefore is, was Jesus’ soul also separated from His Father and The Holy Spirit at His death as this would tend to show that Jesus has his own independent soul?   Psalm 22:1  “My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?  These are the same words Jesus cried out on the cross, and again in Verses 16-19 it talks about His hands and feet being pierced, and His garments being gambled for.    So the Psalmist is uttering a prophecy here, hundreds of years before it happened, exactly as he prophesied it would.

Obviously the answer to the question is yes, Jesus did die, and yes Jesus was definitely separated from His Father.    We know that while Jesus’ body lay in the tomb, that Jesus went down into Hell to preach freedom to the captives, and to set them free.    It has been said that when our sins were laid upon Jesus on the cross, Jesus became sin for us, and The Father turned His back on His Son, not able to look upon Jesus who had been made sin; this caused day to turn to night from midday until after Jesus died at three in the afternoon.

It would appear from this passage that Jesus’ soul was cut off from His Father, because if the Father was the soul of the Trinity, He would not be crying out to Himself asking Himself why He had abandoned Himself;  so, it would tend to show that Jesus does have His own soul, separate from the Father.

We also see in Rev 5:6  “And between the throne and the four living creatures and among the elders I saw a Lamb standing, as though it had been slain, ………  Rev 5:7  The Lamb went over and took the scroll from the right hand of the one who sat on the throne.”   that there is a separation of sorts seen in this passage.     Jesus was seen as a “Lamb that had been slain”.    The one on the Throne, God, was seen as “precious stones of jasper and carnelian.”     We know they are one God, because Jesus said, “I and my Father are one”,  but the passage here shows them as two separate persons of the One Godhead.

I think that we have to take into account that God lives in, and that Jesus came from a different dimension to us, a dimension which we do not understand, and cannot even begin to comprehend, because it is a spiritual dimension, and because God is Spirit.    It seems therefore from these passages that it is possible for God to be three totally separate beings, each of whom comprises a body, a soul and a spirit, and yet still be so totally unified that they are only ONE God.    These are things which at present we cannot understand, but I believe the day is very close at hand when we will understand, because when we shall see Him, we shall be like Him.

In John 17:21  Jesus prays, “May they all be one!  Even as you, Father, are in me and I am in you, so let them be in us, so that all men may come to have faith that you sent me.”    I believe that the day is very near when we shall all be in Christ, who is Himself, in God.   I believe the day is very close when we shall all be one in Jesus and in  God, as Jesus prayed.     We know that the day is coming when we shall share with Jesus in His inheritance from His Father as co-heirs, and we will be spiritually united with Christ in our marriage to Him.    Can we understand how we millions of people will become one with each other and one with Christ in God?   Not yet, but very soon I believe we will.

Can we say then that the Triune human being mirrors the Triune God?  I believe that to some degree the answer is yes, in that we are created as triune beings in the likeness and image of God; but not perfectly, as there are obviously things about the Triune God which it is impossible for us to mirror, because He alone is God, His Glory, His Power, His Majesty, His Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipresence, etc. and His ways are far above our ways, and His thoughts above our thoughts.

In concluding, I believe some valid comparisons can be made between God and man as a trinity, probably because we were created in His likeness and image, and as Jesus pointed out in John 10:34  “It is written in your own Law that God said, “You are gods.”    God says that we are gods, many men and women believe that we are Gods, but the truth for the “True Christian” is that we are God’s, and very soon Jesus is coming to take those of us who are God’s to Himself in heaven.

My next posting will be back to current events which are ramping up to show just how soon Jesus is coming to take those of us who are God’s to Himself in heaven.  Mat_24:42  “Watch therefore: for you do not know at what hour your Lord will come.”









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