Hide and Seek.


I guess most of us have played hide and seek at some time in our life. As kids we used to call it Hidey go seek, as did our kids, logical I guess.   One person goes into a corner, or into another room, closes their eyes and counts to a pre agreed number, it may be 10 counting very slow, or a hundred counting very fast.   When they reach the number they call in a very loud voice, “Coming ready or not”. Too bad if you are not ready, you get caught out.

It reminds me of what Jesus said in Mat 25:13 “So always be ready. You don’t know the day or the time when the Son of Man will come. (ERV)

Jesus has left us and gone to Heaven for the countdown, as soon as the number which God has predetermined is reached, the shout will go out “Coming Ready or Not” to His Bride, and if we are not ready we will get caught out.

That predetermined number will no doubt be a date, but it will also coincide with the “Fullness” or the completion of the times of the Gentiles, and also the date on which this age of Grace in which we now live shall come to a close, and I believe that date is very, very close.

I have already mentioned in previous posts that God works in numbers, and He is the ultimate mathematician.  Every letter in the Hebrew and Greek alphabets have a numeric value; every word has a numeric value when you add all the letter values together, and these total values of words, themes and expressions etc. can be divided evenly by the number of the value God has set for each letter. When added together these numbers are called the gematria.   In the Bible, these values are astonishing in their accuracy and in their consistency, something which is not seen in other texts very much, if at all.

Today I want to look at a number we don’t often consider, and that is the number 4.   I was fascinated to read on a Christian Jewish web site called “The Prophetic Scroll” the following material on Bible Numerics.

“For example: 1=unity, 2=division, 3=trinity, 4=world and creation, 5=grace, 6=man under sin, 7=spiritual perfection, 8=resurrection and new creation. 9=finality, 13=rebellion, 40=probation, trial, 44=judgment, chosen people, 50=jubilee and deliverance, 70=spiritual power and order, 120=transition.

These numbers become more significant when expressed in double or triple although they keep their singular meaning. 4, 44, 444, 666, 777 and 888 all have major Biblical and prophetic significance.

Now let’s get to work.  

The Hebrew word for blood is “däm,” (Strong’s H1818) which has a numeric value of 44. (This is also called the gematria of the word because it adds up to 44). This number, 4 is the number of the world and also the number of creation. The name Adam is derived from “däm”, so we have a connection here as well.

44 is also the number of “Judgement of the world”, being derived from numerous verses.

Do you see what we have so far? We have blood, having a gematria of 44 which is also the number of the judgment of the world. Let’s continue!

We are now at the end of the 4 blood-moon tetrad. The last of the four blood moons will be the shortest lasting 44 seconds.

Other important gematria counts coming to 44 include:

44 =Babylon. (In prophecy, Babylon is used as a type for the world system.)

44 =To crush, be wretched.

44 =He redeems.

44 =God’s chosen people.

The current President of the US, Obama is the 44th.

The word “Tribulations” appears 44 times in the Bible.

Now let’s look at 444:

444 is the gematria number of “Damascus”, the capital of Syria which according to the prophecy of Isaiah 17, will be left “a ruined heap” as it is totally destroyed in one day, by what appears to be a nuclear attack from Israel. It may not be nuclear, but will be so severe it will destroy Damascus and a number of other cities right into Jordan.

This prophecy has not yet occurred. Damascus is the oldest continuously surviving city in the world never to have been destroyed before. Its days are numbered – plastered with 444 all over it!

444 is also the number of trial. It is linked to the decree of Nehemiah to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, which starts the major prophecy of the 70 weeks of years of Daniel.

444 is also the gematria for the Hebrew words “shed blood” found in Leviticus 17:4.

Let’s draw all this together:

4 is the number of the created world. 44 is the number of judgement upon the world. 44 is the number of “blood.” We have 4 blood moons in the current tetrad due to end next month. 444 is the number of Damascus.

Could we say that when Damascus falls, judgement and bloodshed will be upon the whole world? Could we say that Damascus is the big sign? Could we say that this final blood moon is a more powerful sign than most believe? Could we say that when all these things happen, the tribulation begins and although the Jews will face another Holocaust, this time they will face their Messiah in deliverance, salvation and victory?”

Taken from   http://www.thepropheticscroll.org/     Edition No. 274 15th Aug 2015 for those who want to read the entire article. You will need to page down about 4 times to get down to the article.   Article 273 below 274 is also very good.

Now just to give you something to really chew on here, I did some calculations of my own on the current years in both the Jewish and Gregorian calendar years. Hold on to your hats.   The current Jewish year is 5775 and will become 5776 on the 14th or 15th of September, depending on when the New Moon is sighted in Jerusalem, it could be the 14th or the 15th of September.   The sighting of the New Moon begins the Jewish New Year, it also begins the High Holy Feast Day of Rosh Hashana or the “Feast of Trumpets”.   Jewish holy men have long held that Messiah will return at the Feast of Trumpets.   Now, if you divide 5776 by 4 the answer is exactly 1444.

1 is the number for unity.   444 you’ve already read that possibly signifies “The Tribulation” period.  Do you think that 1. could signify our being caught up to be united with the Lord, and after our being united with our Lord comes 444 “The Tribulation” on those left behind?  I think this could quite possibly be so.

Again dividing 5776 by 2 and you get 2888.   2 = separation “Church is separated from the world 888 = is the gematria of Jesus name.   888 also means “Resurrection” and “A New Beginning”   WOW!!!   Could this signal The Rapture? I think possibly so.

If not, as Joel Joseph says above, could it signal the beginning of the Tribulation period? Also quite possibly so.  All I can say is that whatever it is, we had better be ready, because something mighty big is heading our way, and very soon at that.

Finally let us look at our Gregorian calendar year of 2016. 2016 will divide evenly by 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, & 12.    And this current year we are in divides evenly by 13 – 155 times.   It is quite amazing for a number to be equally divisible by so many numbers.   Divide by 2 = 1008.  1 = Unity, & 8 = Resurrection.  Divided by 3 it = 672.   Divided by 4 = 504.   By 6 = 336.   By 7 = 288. Another astonishing figure. Number 7 the divisor = Perfection, & No. 2 = Separation, & No. 8 = Resurrection, or New Beginning. So at the Rapture, (7) God perfects us, then instantly (2) separates us from the world in the (8) “First Resurrection”.   WOW!!!   Divided by 8 = 252.   By 9 = 224   by 12 = 168.   All these dividends have significance, but I do not have time to elaborate on them all, the divisors 2 and 7 are amazing enough to blow us away.     The next 16 months are going to be extremely eventful one way or the other, believe me!

Does God control the Calendar? I believe so, otherwise it would have commenced at the year of Jesus birth instead of about three years later.   God has a purpose in everything, and I would conclude here with this point, it makes no difference whether you believe in a Pre Tribulation Rapture, Mid Tribulation Rapture, Pre Wrath Rapture, or Post Tribulation Rapture, ALL the signs are screaming out, Jesus is coming soon, this year or next year we don’t know, what we do know is that we need to be ready when He shouts, COMING READY OR NOT.

If this has been helpful pass it on to a friends or loved ones, or tell them to go to  http://www.lexcullen.com  and read more on my site.   Thanks.  Lex Cullen


4 thoughts on “Hide and Seek.

  1. Hi Jasmyn, Yes, this is to do with the beginning of the 70th week of years, which has not yet been fulfilled. The word Weeks is “Shabua” in Hebrew and it means Sevened or times seven and is used commonly in terms of years. Verse 24 says 70 weeks are determined upon Israel. Verse 25 says “You need to realize that from the command to rebuild Jerusalem until the coming of the Messiah, it will be seven weeks and another sixty-two weeks. That is only 69 weeks of years.
    The 70 week is the Great Tribulation of Revelation, which equates to “The time of Jacob’s trouble. see Jer_30:7Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it: it is even the time of Jacob’s trouble; but he shall be saved out of it”.
    This 70th Week of years year is still future, and it is possible that it could commence in September this year, but it is not possible to say for certain because no man knows the day or the hour.
    Paul says in Heb_10:25 “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching”. So we will see the day approaching and be aware that it is close.
    Paul also says that 1Th 5:4But you, brothers and sisters, are not living in darkness. And so that day will not surprise you like a thief. ” We will be aware that it is close, even if we do not know the exact day. Lex

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