Reasons Why Christians Believe Jesus Return is Very Near.

I am fully aware that some people believe in the Pre Tribulation (Pre Trib) Rapture of the Church, some believe in the Mid Tribulation (Mid Trib) Rapture, and some believe the Amillennialist view, however, I think whatever our belief we are all aware that Jesus is coming soon one way or another, and it doesn’t matter which way.   What does matter is that we must be ready, for His return however it happens!!!   Jesus hammers this theme over and over in His teachings.  See Mark 13:15   Luke 21:36    Matt 25:13 and many more.

I think most of us are aware of the One World Government, spoken of in the Bible in Rev 13 where we are told no one on earth can buy or sell without the mark of the beast.   This would only be possible with a One World Government.   President George Bush spoke of it being set up early in his presidency, but in fact it was already under way long before that, as he well knew.   This is one of the major signs of the end of this age of God’s grace.   The chip implants have already been produced for everybody to be tagged for identification and banking purposes.  This is common knowledge.

I have recently read a couple of people claiming to have inside knowledge that the One World Gov’t is going to be implemented this year, one of them said it will happen on the 15th of Sept. 2015.    If Amillennialism is correct, then we had better be ready for the final Judgement, as we are now coming to the end of the Millennial reign of Jesus reigning on earth through His Church.   If Mid Trib Rapture is correct then we had better get ourselves prepared for some major persecution, we will need to be strong in our faith, and strong in the Lord.  If Pre Trib view is correct, we need to be ready for the Lord’s return at any time, and make sure our lives are right before God before it is too late.

As a Pre Trib believer, I think that if the One World Gov’t is implemented Mid Sept. 2015, then in light of scripture it is highly unlikely that true Christians will still be here as I believe the Rapture may very well also occur in mid September this year, and ALL true Christians may well be with the Lord regardless of their theology.     Let me explain.

The Feast of Trumpets this year commences sometime between the 13th and 16th of September, depending on which country you live in.    The Feast of Trumpets will be the next Feast that Jesus will fulfill.    If you wish to learn more about how Jesus fulfilled the first four feasts, on the day of the feast, visit  which has a very good outline of the feasts and of how Jesus has already fulfilled four, and how He will fulfil the other three also on the High Holy Day feasts.   Understanding “The Feasts”, I believe, is vital in understanging what is going to take place soon!

To add even further impetus to the possibility that this year may very well see the snatching away of the Church to be with Christ Jesus (see “1Cor 15:51-52”)  this year “The Feast of Trumpets” ushers in the 40th Jubilee since Jesus was crucified.  The year of Jubilee is the time when God commanded all slaves and captives are to be set free.   40 is the number of years the Jews wandered in the wilderness before entering the Holy Land.   The Church has been wandering the earth now for 40 jubilees, waiting to enter our eternal home, the Home of our Father in Heaven.     Israel was set free from slavery in Egypt in a Jubilee year, so it is appropriate that Christians should also be set free from from our corrupt and mortal bodies which holds us captive, during a Jubilee year.

Add to these facts, when Israel was set free from Egypt, there were signs in the sun and in the moon,  NASA’s website on astrononomy records that a tetrad of blood moons occured in the same year Israel left Egypt.  The fact that Jubilee 2015 is also marked by God’s signs of a Blood Moon Tetrad on Jewish High Holy days is therefore highly significant.  For more on Blood Moon Tetrads visit   this is the short version.   is better but longer.   Blood moons are common, but tetrads are not,  and tetrads on Jewish High Holy days are very rare, and nearly always the Israelites are impacted severely in one way or another.

I believe these are massive signs which when taken in conjunction my previous post “THE RETURN OF MESSIAH”  have huge significance for all Christians.   If you have backslidden or lukewarm family or friends, they need to be told now what is going on in the world to wake them up to the danger they are in.

Final thoughts for today, all the signs Jesus gave us in Matt 24 and in Luke 21 of the end times are here today in abundance.   The word Earthquakes in Matt 24:7 and Luke 21:11 is “Seismos” in the original Greek, and it refers to all seismological activity, such as volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, violent storms cyclones etc. and we have seen a massive increase in these events over the past few years, Jesus foretold of all this and much more happening in the last days.  The worlds scientists call it CLIMATE CHANGE, or global warming, Jesus foretold this 2000 years ago but the term Climate Change had not been invented in those days, and so He described it as a sign of the end of this age.   The scientists know this age is closing in on us and they are terrified.   Christians know that a new age is coming very soon, and are thrilled, or at least they should be if they truly love Jesus and they are not tied to the things of this world.


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