The three monotheistic faiths all believe in a Messiah who will return to conquor the world for their God.   We shall examine some of the differences between the three beliefs of Islam, Judaism and Christianity over the next few days. 

Islam’s Khalifa – The Mahdi, and their Messiah Isa.  Several websites recently quote from a mainstream Muslim website which declared that the Imam Mahdi will appear either this year (2015) or 2016, and that “Isa” Jesus will return in 2022.

To explain briefly, as with Christianity and its many denominations, Islam also has many differing branches of belief, the two largest being the Sunnis approx 70% and the Shi-ites approx 20% divisions.  The other 10% are made up of much smaller groups, eg Sufi, Salafist, Wahhabi, Alawite and others, but most of them give allegiance to either the Sunni or the Shia branches of Islam.     Islam is Arabic for submission or surrender, all Muslims therefore are in submission to Allah their God.    All Muslims are Islamists.  The words Muslim and Moslem are synonymous.   End Times Research Center believe the first phase of the End of Time will begin soon, when the Khalifa arrives and will lead to the Day of Judgement in seven years time when Isa (Jesus) arrives.   The estimates were derived from “Numerical Analysis of the Quran, Hadith, Arabic Words, and Historical Events,” according to the Islamic organisations End Times Book. see  however both Sunni and Shi-ite Muslims have plenty on the internet and on youtube affirming their belief that the Mahdi could appear any day now.   As in Christianity you have many “secular” Christians, so in Islam there are many “secular” Muslims.   These secular Muslims are more interested in business, commerce and trade etc than in God, and are therefore much less likely to become radicalised.    I believe a fairly large % of Muslims would fall into this category.   They probably don’t think much about end times or the return of the Mahdi etc. being more interested in the things of this world than the next.

Jewish Messiah.  Ha Mashiach.  Sometimes referred to as either “ben Yosef” or alternativly “ben David”  ben meaning son of.

Leading Israeli Rabbi Says the Arrival of the Messiah is Imminent.    When asked about the timing of the Messiah’s arrival, Rabbi Kanievsky answered, “At the end of the Sabbatical year.” Several people have asked the Rabbi to verify this and he has given the same answer each time. This year is the Sabbatical year and it will be ending on the 29th day of Elul, which, by the Gregorian calendar falls on Saturday, September 12, 2015.  Read more at

Judaism is also divided into two main branches,  Sephardim, and Ashkenazi, this difference steming to a large degree on the region of the world from which they belong, or migrated from to Israel.  The differences between these two groups are not as radical as the differences in Islam, but stem more from the cultures and teachings or interpretations of their various Rabbis.  (Teachers)    I think the above quote would probably be embraced by both the Sephardic and Ashkenazi groups, and that as in Islam many Israelis (which includes Jews) are very secular and they also probably don’t think much about end times or the return of the Messiah etc. being more interested in the things of this world than the next they also have little or no interest in their religion on a day to day basis.

Christian Messiah.   Jesus Christ.

As with Islam and to a lesser degree Judaism, Christianity is also very divided, not only by the different denominations, but also probably even more so by their various interpretations, which result in varying doctrinal beliefs and concepts of what the scriptures actually say or mean.   Again, as in Islam and Judaism, many Christians are very secular also probably don’t think much about end times or the return of the Jesus Christ to the earth, as they also are more interested in the things of this world than they are the next, so they have little or no interest in their religion on a day to day basis.

The prophetically inclined Christians, who are commited to their faith, and who actually follow both scriptural prophecy about the end time, and also follow the current events taking place in the world today and match the two together, however, are totally convinced in the very soon coming of Jesus Christ, regardless on the whole of their particular position on the rapture or not of the Church.

In summing up then, it seems that most of the commited Islamist, Israelis and Christians believe that the return of their Saviour is very close at hand.

In the next post, I shall continue on in more detail on these matters, as seen in current affairs today.


10 thoughts on “THE RETURN OF MESSIAH.

  1. Anybody predicting time of arrival is a Lier. Nobody know what’s going to happen in next few seconds, then how can they claim when Mahdi or Isa will be arriving? Mahdi is not a Messiah, he is the Khalifa of Muslims and Jesus will come soon after the arrival of Mahdi and he is the Messiah. When they will come, nobody knows except God Almighty.

  2. Thank you for your comment. My apologies, I took my information from the Islamic site “” which quotes from “Our predictions for Muslims, Christians and others, regarding the future :

    The beginning of the End of Time, including the emergence of the Imam Mahdi (Mehdi), will most likely be either in 2015 (or 2016), while Jesus Christ’s return [or second (2nd ) coming] is in 2022, in-sha-Allah (if God is willing).
    Welcome to our site, which is dedicated to presenting news about our End of Time research and our book:
    The End Times: Based on Numerical Analysis of the Quran, Hadith, Arabic Words, and Historical Events”

    If the above quoted information is incorrect please have it corrected on your site and let me know. Thank you. Lex Cullen

  3. A person essentially lend a hand to make significantly posts I’d state.
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  4. Yoou maade some good points there. I looked oon the web for additional information about the issue and found most people will go along with your viwws on this website.

  5. Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    due to the HOLY BIBLES manifold dates (one’s lifetime, begetting age of the first son, coronation as king, reign as king etc.), the Bible facilitates the creation of a gapless chronology from the creation of Adam to the millennial Sabbath of Yahshua Messiah in the Biblical Calendar year 6001 B.K.
    You can download GOD’s timetable free of charge e.g. from following website:


    Together, watching the “mysterious” signs of our days and studying the records in the Bible (e.g. Matt 24), will give insight that 2017 CE will be a year out of the ordinary!

    In 2017 CE, 6000 years will have passed since the creation of Adam, and the last 1000 years of the “7000 year Agenda of GOD” will be ushered in.

    For information regarding “GOD’S 7000 YEAR AGENDA” please go to e.g.:

    Executive Summary:

    The 7000 Year Plan of YHVH is not a new age concept.
    You come across this teaching, which is derived from the Bible, already in the Books of Irenaeus (Bishop of the early Church, 130 CE – 202 CE.

    GOD – who controls all things – reveals in the Scriptures that at ‘the time appointed,’ the “End Time World Order” will be destroyed and Jesus Christ (Heb.: Yahshua Messiah) will take over and establish His Millennial Kingdom.

    Revelation 11:15 And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our GOD, and of his Messiah; and he shall reign forever and ever.

    But when will this happen? Are there any clues in the Holy Bible, which might lead to the year and maybe even to the season of His return (1.Thess 5:1, 4)? The answer is YES!

    To be able to uncover GOD’S “hidden” message, we have to start recognizing that the Bible contains accurate data. The Holy Bible is not a fairy-tale book, as some in the world try to make us believe!

    As a matter of fact, when you bring together the evidence contained in the “Old” Testament and the “New” Testament, you are able to count the years from the creation of Adam (3983 BCE ) to the Millennium of Jesus Christ (2017 CE ).

    The English e-book is a shortened version including new discernments. It contains the essence and may give you a good understanding of GOD’S plan for mankind. The unabridged original German e-book can be downloaded without charge e.g. at

    Further information can be found e.g.:

    May EL SHADDAI YAHWEH, Elohim of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust, so that you may abound with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit (Heb.: Ruach ha Kodesh). (Rom 15:13)

    1. Thank you Eli, I think this comment is a good reminder of the fact that we are closing in on the Return of our Messiah. BUT I would remind readers that Jesus said, no man knows the day nor the hour, therefore we must be ready at all times. Jesus said if the end times were not shortened, no flesh would survive, so we must not look to a future date, but be ready at all times.
      Yes, I believe the age of God’s grace is about to end very soon, and that the end of the age of grace, will trigger the “Catching away from the earth” (otherwise known as “The Rapture) of The Bride of Christ. This is “The First Resurrection”
      The Rapture will not include false Christians, (Tares Matt 24-29) which sadly includes all the people today who scorn the “New Birth” as being nonsense, radical unnecessary, over the top etc. (see John 3:3 and John 3:7)
      Because they have NOT been born again spiritually into God’s family, they remain spiritually dead, therefore it is impossible for them to have a relationship with God, who is SPIRIT.
      Many who CALL themselves Christians, but are not, will be left behind, bringing confusion to the world, who will deny the Rapture has taken place, because so many Christians are still on the earth.
      Secondly, the end of the age of grace will also set in motion the final years, no one knows exactly how long that period of time may be, but it will encompass the entire time period between the Rapture of the “True Believers” and the Second Coming Of Jesus Christ WITH His Bride to the earth, to begin His endless reign over the Nations of the world, as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
      However long or short this time in between may be, it will conclude with “The Great Tribulation” also called “The Time Of Jacob’s Trouble” and “The Day Of God’s Wrath”. It could be as short as 7 years, if the Great Tribulation commences immediately the True Christians are taken to heaven, or as some Bible Commentators believe, it could encompass many years, while the Believers are being Judged for their works and receiving their rewards, after which the Marriage of the Lamb will take place in heaven.
      E W Bullinger in his book “The Apocalypse” believes that this time period will be similar to Jesus first appearing, where at His birth, only a few recognised that “The Messiah” had arrived. Then Jesus disappeared for the next thirty three years, before He “Came Again” as it were, when He presented Himself to Israel as their Messiah, when He rode into Jerusalem on the Donkey.
      Some commentators believe that thirty three year period of time could equate to the time that Believers are being Judged for their works and receiving their rewards, and for the Marriage of the Lamb to take place in heaven.
      So we can see that this could all take place in flash of “earth time” while we are up in Heaven, where there may be no time; or it may take place according to earth time over many years, no one knows for sure. There are some passages in scripture which give the impression that it will be quick, other passages give the impression it will take quite some time.
      My advice is, as always, be ready at all times. Keep your relationship with the Lord at peak at all times, then you will not have to worry about anything, including whether it will be a-millennial, pre-millennial, post millennial, pre tribulation, mid tribulation, pre wrath or any of the other many eschatological doctrinal views of the end times.
      God bless you all, and, “Keep Looking Up” As Andre Crouch sings, “It won’t be long, We’ll be going home”.
      Lex Cullen

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