4. “Born Again” – How To Survive.

Being born spiritually is similar to being born physically.  Physically, the first thing is the cord must be cut to separate us from our mother.  Spiritually, the chords tying us to our old sinful way of life must be cut.  The Bible says in Acts 3:19  Repent, then, and turn to God, so that he will forgive your sins.  If we do not turn away from our old sinful life and turn to God, there can be no forgivness from sin.   It is unforgiven sin that keeps us separated from God, spiritually dead.

As a newborn baby we were fed milk, as a spiritual baby, Gods’ word, the Bible is our spiritual food and drink.  We need to be reading and consuming and learning as much as possible from the Bible in order to grow and become strong Christians.

As a baby we don’t know about the changes or the growth that is taking place in our body, the same thing applies to spiritual new birth, we don’t feel any different, we don’t look any different, and we are often unaware of the spiritual growth taking place in our spirit.

As babies, we need constant care and attention from family who love us.  They help clean us up if we mess up, they pick us up when we fall over, and the set us on the right track again.    As Christians we need a good healthy caring Church which will teach us “What the Bible says” and not just go along with what the world (The majority) believes is good or right.  Today the world is calling good – evil, and evil – good, and this will only lead us back into sin and away from God again.

Find a Church that believes, and teaches, that the whole Bible is Gods’ truth, not one that says God is love and loves you regardless, so you can do as you please.   If we love God, then we will do what He wants us to do, not what the world wants us to do.   Sadly, many modern day progressive or liberal churches, from most denominations today go along with what is popular in the world, and things like gay marriage, homosexuality, abortion, and turning against Israel, Gods’ chosen people are all acceptable, or even good, when The Bible very clearly teaches that these things are sin, and will be punished.  They believe that the teachings of The Bible are out of date, and that a lot of Bible stories are just fables and are either untrue, or symbolic, requiring their interpretation to make it believable.    I will elaborate more on this in my next post.


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