No. 28. Who Believes Messiah Is Coming Soon?

The following information has been taken from recent news reports.

ISRAEL – A poll of Israelis finds 64%  believe the time has come to build the Third Temple, prophesied as happening in the “last days” of history. In January 2005, the Sanhedrin—the highest ruling body and court of justice among the Jewish people in the time of Jesus—convened for the first time in 1,600 years.    Construction of the Alter for the Third Temple has now begun.   Most of the Priestly Garments, the temple vessels, including the $2,000,000-00 Gold Menorah, and Temple art works etc have already been created, in strict accordance with God’s instructions to Moses.  Most of the materials required for Temple Building itself have also been created and or prepared and are in storage.   Many Israelis believe their Messiah is coming soon.

ISLAM. – Radical Islamic leaders in Iran, including their President, say the end of the world is at hand, and seek nuclear weapons to bring it about.    Islam’s virulent hatred of God’s chosen people Israel, whom they call “Little Satan” and of the followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, mainly found in the US and Western Nations, whom they call “Big Satan”, is very revealing.   At first Mohammed called these people,  “The People of the Book” and was fairly reasonable to them. Later, he changed his stance. As we draw close to the end of the age of grace, we see Satan’s hatred of God and of all God’s people, whether Israeli, Jew or Christian, drives God’s enemies crazy in their efforts to try to exterminate God’s people.  The Muslim’s Messiah is called the Mahdi, and they believe that the Mahdi, with Issa’s (Jesus” help, will come and help them finish the job of wiping out all Israelis, Jews and Christians, and conquor the whole world for Islam.    It is interesting that the description of the Mahdi in the Quran, matches perfectly the description of  Antichrist in the Bible. Many Muslims believe their Messiah is coming soon.

Christendom. – Only the committed born again Christians today believe their Messiah, Jesus Christ is coming soon, because they can see that global events are lining up exactly as Jesus Christ and the prophets said they would in the last days.   Many prophecies from the Old Testament and prophecies of Jesus Christ are being fulfilled right in front of our eyes. Many born again Christians believe their Messiah is coming soon. The question is if all these people are correct, are you ready for whatever is about to take place.   Mat 24:44  Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.


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