NO 25. Israel – God’s People – God’s Land. No 3.

Recent news items from Russia, Syria, Iran and Israel, all point to the fact that the war of Gog and Magog  is already being planned and prepared, as Russia begins readying its bases, gathering, arming and training its forces, and in general, preparing for a major battle in the near future.  (See Ezek 38 & 39, previously covered in blog No’s 14-17) These excerpts were taken from recent international news items.

For the first time, Russia and Iran will hold a joint naval manoeuvre in the Caspian Sea, The Iranian Mehr News Agency reported Wednesday. According to the report, the manoeuvre will include 30 Russian and Iranian ships, as well as helicopters.”

“A high-ranking Russian navy source reported on July 21 09 that the Soviet-era naval maintenance base near Tartus in Syria is to be expanded and modernized to become  “fully operational.” ………..Vladimir Vysotsky and his Syrian counterpart Gen. Taleb al-Barri, had signed contracts for converting Tartus into one of Russia’s most highly-developed naval infrastructures outside its territory.”

According to Israeli and Jordanian officials, Syria recently quietly struck a deal with Russia that allows Moscow to station submarines and war boats off Syrian ports. In exchange, Russia is supplying Syria with weaponry at lower costs, with some missiles and rockets being financed by Iran“.

I mentioned in an earlier blog, both Russia and Iran are piling powerful rockets into Syria, and from Syria many are being sent to Hezbollah in Lebanon, and some are also being smuggled into Gaza Strip through Egypt.     Many believe that when this war begins, Russia will threaten all nations who could come to Israel’s defense, with a nuclear holocaust in order to deter them.  Pray that God will protect Israel.

If only these nations would read their Bible and believe God’s Word, they could save themselves from being wiped out by God’s wrath for trying to totally annihilate  Israel, — God’s Chosen People.                God allowed Israel’s enemies to punish them for their wickedness throughout the centuries, but the day is coming very soon, when God shall destroy those nations for their wickedness and for what they have done, and are doing to His people.     Mat 24:44  Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.


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