NO 24. Israel – God’s People – God’s Land. No 2.

It has often been said that “Israel is God’s time piece”, and it surely seems that is the case today.    Because of Israels continuing rejection of their Messiah, God’s punishment of Israel continues, but God has not finished with Israel yet, Zec 14:1&2  “Watch, for the day of the LORD is coming when your possessions will be plundered right in front of you! 2.  On that day I will gather all the nations to fight against Jerusalem. The city will be taken, the houses plundered, and the women raped.  Half the population will be taken away into captivity, and half will be left among the ruins of the city.” and in Rev 11:2  “But do not measure the temple courtyard. Leave that out, because it is given to the nations, and they will trample the holy city for 42 months.”

This further punishment will finally bring Israel to Christ  Zec 12:10  “I will give David’s family and people in Jerusalem a spirit of kindness and mercy. They will look at me, the one they have stabbed. And they will cry like someone crying over the death of an only child. They will be as sad as someone who has lost a firstborn son.”  Zec 13:1  “At that time a fountain will be opened. It will be for David’s descendants and for the people of Jerusalem. It will cleanse them of their sins and wrongs.”

In Joel 3:2, God says “I will gather all the nations.  I will bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat. I will judge them there. They scattered the Israelites, the people who belong to me, among the nations. They divided my land.” As we have seen, most of this takes place during the “Great Tribulation”  just before the “Day of the Lord.”

Now listen to some headlines taken from newspapers around the world over the past two weeks.    Javier Solana – European Union foreign policy czar says “Lets force the birth of Palestine.   The recommendation is to forcefully impose the will of the world upon Israel.” The United Nations, “Israel must tear down its West Bank separation barrier, a senior U.N. official said Wednesday.” G8 Nations say,  “Israel must stop building in ALL settlements.”  From France, “France summons Israeli envoy over Jewish settlements.” From Russia  “Russia calls on Israel to halt construction in East Jerusalem.” From USA “US policy, … Jews in Eastern Jerusalem are unwanted Settlers” China made similar comments to Israel until the Uighur Muslim riots broke out.  Since then silence from China!  Are these statements ringing any bells?

As a friend of mine said  “You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure that we’re in the last days”.     To be continued.


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