NO 24. Israel – God’s People – God’s Land. No 1.

The Old Testament is about Israel and Israel’s enemies.  It is about the Middle East, and all of the Middle Eastern nations who have fought against, enslaved, butchered, raped and pillaged the “Chosen People” of God for thousands of years.   God has allowed this to happen because of the wickedness of Israel, and because they turned away from the only true and living God, to worship idols made from gold and silver, and to worship the demons these idols represent.

The New Testament is about God’s love to the whole world, offering a New Covenant to those who would believe on and trust in the only begotten Son of God, also called “The Son of Man” because He was born of a woman.    Once again the nation of Israel rejected God’s offer of love and salvation, and once again God has allowed the nations to enslave, murder, rape pillage and scatter His Chosen People, in the hope that they might once again call upon Him for salvation.  Their rejection of God’s salvation led to the Gospel being preached to the Gentile Nations.

The Bible tells us that at the end of the age, God would bring His Chosen People back to the land He had given their forefathers thousands of years before, but that they would return to Israel still in unbelief, which is exactly what has happened.  The Prophets tell us that at the end of the age, Jerusalem will become a cup of trembling to all nations, and the Israelites will be hated of all nations.

This is coming to pass.  Israel is being seen as the reason for all the terrorist activity around the world, as terrorists say that Palestine (Israel) belongs to the Palestinians, not the Israelis, and they blame all the Christian nations around the world for helping Israel to survive and to prosper.  The truth is that heathen nations hate Christian nations as much, if not more than Israel.  The real reason is that they hate God.   They hate God,  God’s Word, God’s Chosen People, (Israel) and God’s Elect (The Church).  Islam in particular, makes no secret of the fact that Christian nations are next to be exterminated after Israel.   Look up, for your redemption draws near.


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