No. 13. Did You Know? Facts About Israel.

1.    Did you know that when Israel defeated the Arab nations, they annexed part of the territory they won for the sake of Israel’s future safety, but, the land they annexed belonged to Israel for hundreds of years before they were driven out by the Romans 1900 years ago?

2.    Since 1948 Israel has absorbed millions of Jewish refugees from Holocaust countries, from the former Soviet Union, the Ethiopian Jewish community, and more than 850,000 from Muslim countries?

3.   None of the Jewish refugees who were expelled from their homes in Muslim countries where they had lived for generations, were given any compensation for property confiscated by the Muslims?

4.    Since the signing of the Oslo ‘peace’ Agreement,  1,471 Jews have been murdered in Israel alone in suicide bombings, shootings, stoning, rocket attacks and other acts of terror, and thousands of others have sustained severe injuries, and remain hospitalized?

5.    All around the world, several million people are killed by extremist Muslims every year, most of them are from North African countries?

6.    Many Jews lived in “Palestine” for centuries before it was given back to Israel in 1948 and renamed Israel by its original owners, and today, many Israelis still possess pre Israeli State birth certificates and passports officially stamped “Palestinian Jewish citizen”?

7.    Over 4000 years ago God gave the Land of Israel to Abraham and his descendants for ever?

8.    Did you know, to side with Israel’s enemies is to side against God, and God has promised that He is going to punish Israel’s enemies and opponents at the end of this age?  Joel 3:2  &  Mat 25:45-46


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