No. 12. Did You Know? Facts About Palestinians.

1.    Did you know that there has never ever been a Palestinian nation?  Palestinians are in fact nearly all Arabs!

2.    Did you know that even right up to the outbreak of the Arab uprisings, (‘intifadas’) NO Arabs ever called themselves ‘Palestinians’?

3.    Did you know that these Arab refugees only took the name “Palestinians” after their own countries had united to try and annihilate the Jews in the ArabIsraeli Wars of 1948–49, 1956, 1967, 1973–74, and 1982?

4.    Did you know that the reason these Arabs are living as refugees in the areas Israel conquered, is simply because their own Arab peoples refuse them entry into their own country,  forcing them to live as refugees in Israel?

5.    Did you know the name “Palestinian” was created specifically to get the World’s sympathy, and to divert the world’s anger from their own Arab people who disown them, onto Israel?

6.    Did you know that there are 22 Arab nations in the Middle East, including oil rich states like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, all of whom steadfastly refuse to absorb their own Arab brothers, so-called ‘Palestinian refugees’, preferring to keep them as political pawns in order to blame Israel for their plight?

7.    Did you know that the Romans renamed the former Jewish principality of Judea to Palestine, after the suppression of the great Jewish revolt of Bar-Kokhba in the year 135 AD?   Note that it was an area of land, it was never an ethnic group of people!


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