No. 5. Taking The Safe Way.

For many years now when asked a theological question, such as,    “Do you believe that once a person becomes a Christian, they are always saved no matter what they do afterwards?  Or, do you believe that you can lose your salvation later by not living according to God’s commands,”  my answer is always,  “It doesn’t really matter what I believe, I will always take the safest way, no matter what I believe.”

Explanation :-  If I believe ” once saved always saved”, and later in life I rebel against God, – If I am right will it matter?  No. – but if I am wrong it will matter a great deal, because I will have lost my eternal salvation. —  OK, so what about if I believe that it is possible to lose my salvation by disobeying God, so I stay close to Him, – If I’m right, that’s fine.   –  If I am wrong it won’t matter, because I have stayed close to Jesus and His word.   So which is the safest way? Clearly the way that won’t matter if I am wrong, because I will still be a winner.

There are always many scriptures that seem to back up both sides in these arguments , so always take the safe way, then it won’t matter if you are wrong.  For example, there are three differing views about the Rapture.  – 1.  It could happen at any time with no warning.  – 2.  It will happen at the last trumpet, which occurs half way through the Great Tribulation.  – 3.  It will happen on “The Day of Christ”,  after the Great Tribulation when Christ returns to the earth.

I have chosen to follow the first way, because it will keep me close to the Lord at all times.   If I am wrong, it won’t matter, because I will still be watching and waiting, looking for and longing for Christ’s return whenever it happens, so I cannot be caught out unawares.   And if we are to be here during the Tribulation period, it doesn’t matter anyway; Christians all over the world today are suffering persecution, and being martyred for their faith in Jesus, why should we be exempt?   However concerning the “Great Tribulation”, we do have God’s promise in Rev 3:10  “Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth”.


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