No. 2. Evolution – The First Law of Thermodynamics.

What does evolution say about The First Law of Thermodynamics.

Approximately 13.7 billion years ago, the entirety of our universe was compressed into the confines of an atomic nucleus. Known as a singularity, much much tinier that the point of a needle.     They say that this is the moment before anything existed, matter, energy, and even space and time did not exist.

According to the prevailing cosmological models that explain our universe, an ineffable explosion, trillions of degrees in temperature on any measurement scale, that was infinitely dense, created not only fundamental subatomic particles and thus matter and energy but space and time itself.

Cosmology theorists, combined with the observations of their astronomy colleagues, have been able to reconstruct the primordial chronology of events known as the big bang.   Suddenly from nothing, we had time, space, matter and energy, and a whole universe of stars, planets, moons etc.

This is the Opposite to what Science states.

Science – The First Law of Thermodynamics, says nothing comes from nothing.

Science says  “The most certain and universal of all scientific principles is that of causality, or the law of cause and effect”.    OK, so what caused “The Big Bang” to go Bang?    Evolutionists have no cause in the first place to set off the “Big Bang”


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